Lynette Long, Ph.D., President of EVE


On October 2, in a constant downpour of rain, EVE’s Amelia Earhart balloon had its first test flight in the Circle City Parade in Indianapolis, Indiana. The rain might have decreased the size of the crowd but not their enthusiasm. The parade was televised locally so most likely tens of thousands of people got to see EVE’s Earhart balloon on television and hear about the accomplishments of Amelia Earhart. The Indianapolis Star featured a write-up of the parade and a picture of only one of the balloons, Amelia Earhart.

The unrelenting rain did cause EVE to make an adjustment in the display of the balloon. The balloon handlers did not wear their white “flightsuits” with an AE logo because we did not want our new costumes to be damaged in the rain.

On November 20, the Amelia Earhart Balloon will fly high again. Amelia will be one of the featured balloons in the Festival of Trees Holiday Parade in Davenport, Iowa. The parade will feature over 20 giant helium balloons.

Stay tuned to find out where Amelia will fly next!

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One Response
  1. David in Ohio says:

    This story about possible discovery of Amelia Earhart’s remains provided an opportunity for me to comment and link in the activities of EVE and share news of the Balloon and Statuary Hall projects.