Lynette Long, Ph.D., President of EVE

On December 1, 2010, Slate published, A Young Person’s Guide to Slate’s Culturally Relevant Octogenarians.  Of the eleven Americans selected, only two were women, Betty White, an animal rights activist and star of the Golden Girls, and author Mary Higgins Clark.   Women make up over fifty percent of the population and there is no shortage of noteworthy women writers and actors.  Why couldn’t Slate create a list of an even dozen “Culturally Relevant Octogenarians” (six men and six women) and for starters they could have included 82-year-old Maya Angelou.   Why not email Sam Schlinkert care of Slate, express your concern, and give him suggestions of women to include?  Only by calling out journalists who are blind to the issues of gender parity, can we change the destiny of the next generation of women.

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2 Responses
  1. David in Ohio says:

    Dale Messick, creator of Brenda Starr, lived to be 98. Now, five years after Messick’s death, her creation will soon have its final appearance. Here’s the sad news about a character that young girls and women could have admired and followed for the 70 years since Brenda began to inspire them.

  2. David in Ohio says:

    L’Enfant’s Slow March To Statuary Hall

    My digg comment on this item:

    “Why not a woman to represent the District? Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug, Helen Hayes, or Abigail Adams, all of whom spent a good part of their lives in this city. My pick would be Sojourner Truth, who was every bit as important a leader as Frederick Douglass. With only nine women presently represented in the 100-statue Statuary Hall, the opportunity is clear for the District to show insight and understanding of women as role models for America.”

    Not too far off topic, I hope! (and, just noticed that this is comment 4,000 at EVE – a wow for Dr. Long and team.)