What we do

Our projects are organized into eight color-coded sections:


Statuary Hall: Our “Put a Woman in Statuary Hall” project is dedicated to correcting the gender imbalance in National Statuary Hall, state by state. We currently have active projects (with website subsections) in California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, and New York, with more coming soon.


Stamps: Our “Stamp Out Stamp Bias” project will focus on the gender imbalance in the stamps, particularly commemorative stamps, issued by the United States Postal Service.


Streets & Buildings: Our Streets & Buildings project will propose that municipalities name streets and buildings after prominent female citizens, and persuade school systems nationwide to increase the number of schools named after women. We currently have active projects (with website sub-sections) in California and Washington, D.C.


Celebrations: Our Celebrations project will encourage the government and private sector to include women in the holidays, parades, and other festivities that celebrate our nation’s heritage. Our first major effort is creating a line of parade balloons featuring Great American Heroines, with Amelia Earhart as our first entry.


Monuments & Memorials: This project will analyze the gender ratio of monuments and memorials on the local, state, and national level, and encourage greater representation of women.


Museums: Our Museums project will focus on calling attention to how women are portrayed and represented in museum exhibits.


Currency: Our Currency project will urge the government to include more women’s images on our coinage, and will advocate for a second set of paper money featuring images of great American women.


Media: Our Media project will serve as an umbrella for any ad hoc actions or campaigns we may undertake to educate the public about women’s representation in the media.