Amelia Earhart Flies Again!

Amelia Earhart has returned to the skies—in the form of a giant helium parade balloon!

EVE is bringing women’s history right to the streets—and the skies—with a new line of parade balloons featuring Great American Heroines. Amelia Earhart is our first entry.

In the summer of 2010 we partnered with StarBound Entertainment, one of the country’s top balloon suppliers, to launch our new line of balloons. The funding for the Amelia Earhart balloon came from a group of wonderfully generous donors whom we dubbed “The 99 Club,” after the organization Amelia Earhart founded for women pilots. These are the folks who made the balloon possible, and we are proud to list their names at the bottom of this page.

Our Amelia Earhart balloon was officially launched on October 2, 2010, becoming the first parade balloon ever to depict an actual historical woman.

The balloon gets its first test flight during a rainy parade in Indianapolis.

The balloon gets its first test flight during a rainy parade in Indianapolis.

The balloon is shaped as a 45-foot replica of the red Lockheed Vega that Amelia Earhart piloted across the Atlantic during her 1932 solo flight (now housed in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum). An oversized Amelia looms out of the cockpit, with her leather jacket and aviator cap modeled after existing photographs. Chad Baptiste of Fort Lauderdale created the renderings that guided the construction of the balloon.

Original artist sketch of the balloon by Chad Baptiste.

Original artist sketch of the balloon by Chad Baptiste.

In each parade the balloon is accompanied by a team of trained balloon handlers, all wearing white jumpsuits that are similar to Amelia’s famous flightsuit. The lead handlers also carry a 10-foot parade banner with the EVE logo. The television and on-site announcers introduce the balloon using a script, furnished by EVE, that explains the significance of Amelia Earhart and the historic nature of the balloon.

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EVE's 99 Club Wall of Fame: These generous donors made the Amelia Earhart Balloon possible!
  • Amelia Earhart Festival
    Atchison, KS
  • Judith Asner
    Potomac, MD
  • Mary Atwater
    Potomac, MD
  • Mary Bailey
    Washington, DC
  • In Honor of Janice Barnes
    Charles S. Dinges, MSgt, USAF (Ret.)
    Vienna, OH
  • In Honor of Lucy Baron
    Elliot Baron
    Chapel Hill, NC
  • Nancy Beang
    Washington, DC
  • Pat Biancaniello
    Smithtown, NY
  • Barbara Biehner
    Holbrook, NY
  • Susan Block
    St. Louis, MO
  • Sue Brown
    Columbia, MD
  • Stephanie Brysacz
    Washington, DC
  • Kate Campbell Stevenson
    Silver Spring, MD
  • Marge Cantlin
    Bay Village, OH
  • In Honor of Margot Chapman
    Alexandra A. Rose
    Woodridge, IL
  • In Memory of Marilyn Copeland
    Karen Seaberg
    Atchison, KS
  • Lady Georgette J. Sobel, DStJ of Croughton, Lord Nicholas N. Kittrie, KStJ of Croughton, and Samson Agonistes
    Washington, DC
  • Anissa Dehamna
    Washington, DC
  • In Honor of Pauline Dosch
    Mary Buchenic
    Hubbard, OH
  • Susan Eig
    Washington, DC
  • In Honor of Ted Ferrato
    Bee Ferrato
    Carson, NV
  • Marilyn Fitterman
    East Hampton, NY
  • In Honor of Lt. Edward D. Foye Jr., USN
    Nancy Foye-Cox
    Akron, OH
  • Gigi Gaston
    Venice, CA
  • Leslie Glutzer
    Arlington Heights, IL
  • Lynn Greer
    Incline Village, NV
  • In Honor of M. L. Hejra
    Kate Wise
    Bay Village, OH
  • Dorothy Hemrick
    Wheaton, IL
  • Marille Herrmann, Pat Lengerman, Irina Lubensky, and Jill Niebran
    Silver Spring, MD
  • Judy Hittman
    Washington, DC
  • Halane Hughes
    Vienna, Austria
  • Michele Isam
    St. Louis, MO
  • In Honor of Grace Jackson
    Joseph P. Wilson
    Clarksburg, MD
  • Mindy Jacobs
    Washington, DC
  • In Honor of Joan M. Kelly, Ph.D
    Sharyn Rhodes
    Middle River, MD
  • Bettyjean Kling
    Shippensburg, PA
  • Jennifer Lee
    Altadena, CA
  • Ellen Libby
    Annapolis, MD
  • Joan Lipkin
    St. Louis, MO
  • Lynette Long, Ph.D.
    Washington, DC
  • Sarah Long
    Bethesda, MD
  • Thomas J. Long
    Bethesda, MD
  • Linda Mahoney
    Silver Spring, MD
  • David K. McClurkin
    Beachwood, OH
  • Katherine Minarik
    Chicago, IL
  • Angela Morgan
    Corrales, NM
  • Cynthia Nagele
    St. Johnsville, NY
  • Linda Nee
    Rockville, MD
  • In Honor of Daniele Plachter
    Joseph P. Wilson
    Clarksburg, MD
  • Jacqueline Pregont
    Atchison, KS
  • In Honor of Denise Richardson
    Bettyjean Kling
    Lodi, NJ
  • In Honor of Louisa Richardson
    Bettyjean Kling
    Lodi, NJ
  • Pamela Rosen
    Bay Village, OH
  • Susan Scanlan
    Arlington, VA
  • Ellen Schiff
    Washington, DC
  • Linda G. Scoggins
    Gloucester, VA
  • Suzanne Scoggins
    Gloucester, VA
  • David Sokol
    New York, NY
  • Polly Stamatopoulos
    Washington, DC
  • Laurie Stevens
    Bethesda, MD
  • Kandy & Mary Tigerwright
    Loveland, CO
  • Susie Tompkins Buell
    San Francisco, CA
  • Judith Walters
    Kensington, MD
  • Joanne Weiss
    Denver, CO
  • Sarah Williams
    Concord, MA
  • Kate Wise
    Bay Village, OH