There’s something about the new $100 bill

May 3, 2010 by Suzanne Scoggins, Director of Women's History   · Comments Off

new bill unveiling

Here’s a rather funny take on the new $100 bill (see our own blog posts here and here) from the Detroit Free Press: Caption This — The new big bill.

The editors of the Detroit Free Press asked readers to caption the photo (right) from the unveiling ceremony.

These were the editors’ favorite responses:

  • “I think he looks disgusted.”
  • “We had to put the Great Wall of China on the reverse side.”
  • “And this is our new $100 bill. It costs $200 to make and is worth $50.”
  • “Big money, big money, big money. I’d like to buy a vowel.”
  • “Everyone in the audience gets one of these after the show!”
  • “I didn’t realize that inflation could be this big!”
  • “Let’s run off a million of ’em, then seek Goldman Sachs’ advice.”
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