Lynette Long, Ph.D., President of EVE

by Lynette Long, Ph.D., President of EVE
April 1, 2012 · Comments Off  

On March 22, Maryland HB 1429 passed House of Delegates 133-0. The first hearing in the Maryland Senate on March 27 SB 1069 passed out of Senate Committee with favorable vote. Here is a copy of the bill. Note that only the section on the statue was voted on.


Harriet Tubman Statue & Commemoration Legislation
Bill: Request to Place a Statue of Harriet Tubman in the U.S. Capitol and for Commemorative Days to be set.
Synopsis: The main bill provides for authorizing legislation to place in the U.S Capitol a statue of Harriet Tubman, one of Maryland’s all time great American heroes. Tubman’s statue would be at no cost to the state of Maryland, as the funding will be provided by nonprofit groups and individual donors. Additional legislation requests declaration of state and national Harriet Tubman Days.
Committees: Senate: Education Health and Environmental Affairs
House of Delegates: Health & Government Operations Committee (statue)
Rules & Executive Nominations (commemorative days)

Lead sponsors: Delegate Susan C. Lee
(410) 8413649/ (301) 858-3649/

Senator Catherine Pugh
(410) 841-3656/ (301) 8583656 /

Coordinating Groups: Maryland NOW
Linda Mahoney,, 301-648-5484

EVE [Equal Visibility Everywhere]
Dr. Lynette Long,

The 100th anniversary of the death of Harriet Tubman is in March 2013 (her exact birthdate is unknown). The following legislation is offered to facilitate a timely celebration of her extraordinary achievements:
1) A gift of a Harriet Tubman statue from the citizens of Maryland to the people of the United States (HB 1429 /
HJ 11/SB 1069/ SJ 5) to be prominently placed somewhere in the U.S. Capitol, with private fundraising by a commission appointed by the Governor;

2) Declaration of a state Harriet Tubman Day for March 10, 2012 (HB 1154/SB 790) – hearing on March 13 will be too late for this one; Del. Lee is making a direct request to the Governor;
3) Declaration of an annual state Harriet Tubman Commemorative Day on March 10 (HB 1164/SB 777); and
4) Request by the Maryland Legislature to the U.S. President for a Declaration of a National Harriet Tubman Day on March 10, 2013 (HJ10/SJ 4).
Background Information:
Last year a broad coalition worked to get authorization for a Harriet Tubman statue to replace one of the two official Maryland statues in the U.S. Capitol. (Congressional legislation in 2000 authorized states to update their images with replacement of founders.) The legislation was amended in the Senate, and resulting legislation was unlikely to result in an official Harriet Tubman statue anytime soon. Thus the coalition recommended that the legislation be pulled before it could be similarly amended and passed in the House of Delegates.
The current legislation would not authorize a replacement; this would be an additional statue, and at no cost to the state of Maryland, as the funding will be provided by nonprofit groups and individual donors. Del. Susan Lee and Sen. Catherine Pugh are the lead sponsors again this year. Two groups initiated the 2011 effort: Equal Visibility Everywhere [EVE] and Maryland NOW [National Organization for Women – Maryland], which is again coordinating the communications and group support.


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