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Who do you think should be in Statuary Hall?

There are 41 states without a female statue in the Hall. We have active projects in Ohio, California, Maryland, and New York. But that means there are still 37 states that need attention!

Check this list of statues by state (external link) to see if you’re in one of the gender-challenged states.

If you’d like to suggest a candidate for the Hall, please post it here. We also welcome your ideas, comments, and questions about Statuary Hall. If you’d prefer to send us a private email, write to statues@equalvisibilityeverywhere.org.

We’re also looking for coordinators to help start statue projects in individual states. Send us an email at volunteers@equalvisibilityeverywhere.org if you’d like to help.

3 Responses
  1. Molly says:

    This is cool!

    What about Amelia Earhart for Kansas? I thought they had already voted to do that.

  2. admin says:

    I don’t think they ever officially decided to do that, though there was a lot of talk about it:

    Lineup Isn’t Set in Stone

    We’ll be launching a statue project in Kansas very shortly, and will work on getting the state legislature to follow through with the Earhart statue.

  3. David McClurkin says:

    One of the three Ohio women being considered is Judith Resnik. All three are deeply worthy of being selected for different sets of compelling reasons. Judith Resnik is the one with the smallest footprint on America’s historical landscape.

    Perhaps taking four minutes or so to view this video will help convey why I find her story so important. Listen for how the standards for excellence are defined in this. The speaker is not universally popular, but can anyone argue with what is said here?