Ohio Newspapers Contact Information

Contact information and restrictions for Letters to the Editor at five Ohio newspapers:

  • Cleveland Daily Banner
    Email: news@clevelandbanner.com
    “Letters to the Editor on issues of broad public interest are welcomed. Letters must bear complete signature, street address and phone number (addresses and phone numbers will not be published). Letters of 500 words or less are preferred.”
  • The Columbus Dispatch
    Email: letters@dispatch.com
    “Short letters (200 words or less) have the best chance of being published. Typed letters are preferred, and all letters may be edited. Each should include a signature, address and daytime phone number. Please specify a date if there‚Äôs a reference to a previous article or letter.”
  • Columbus Local News
    Email: SNPLetters@acncolumbus.com
  • Dayton Daily News
    Link to submit online: Give us your feedback
    “All letters, including those sent by e-mail, must include the writer’s full name, home address, and daytime home phone number for verification. Letters of fewer than 200 words are preferred; all are subject to editing.”
  • The Plain Dealer
    Link to submit online: Letters To The Editor
    “Keep it to 200 words or less. Include your full name, mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail address are required only for verification purposes. This information is not published or shared with any individual or entity outside of The Plain Dealer without the letter writer’s express permission.”

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