Barcelona authorities want more streets and plazas to be named after women

June 7, 2010 by Lynette Long, Ph.D., President of EVE   · Comments Off

EVE is not alone in its efforts to create gender parity. Barcelona wants more streets named after women.


Wanted: high achieving women to lend names to Barcelona streets | Barcelona city officials are in dire need of women. But not just any women – females who have made contributions to the arts, sciences or other fields, and have been dead for at least five years.

The reason? They want to give them their own street or plaza, to counter the abundance of masculine names found throughout the Catalonian capital. Just five out of every 100 streets and plazas in Barcelona are named after women, and most of these are religious figures.

In an effort to correct this gender inequality, the local Nomenclátor bureau, which is responsible for street and public-place designations, is looking for nominations.

It hasn’t been an easy task, because, according to officials, it has taken a long time for women in Barcelona to make their mark in professional fields. So the city wants the public to help them in their search.

Besides professional contributions, an important requirement is that the women must be connected to the city somehow. For a street or public place to be named after someone, the person must have been dead for at least five years, the only exception being those who have received the honorary key to the city – but that list includes few women.

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