Updating the Face of America

What We Do Equal Visibility Everywehre

Equal Visibility Everywhere is a not for profit dedicated to updating the face of America's symbols monuments and icons.

  • Statuary Hall: Our “Put a Woman in Statuary Hall” project is dedicated to correcting the gender imbalance in National Statuary Hall, state by state.
  • Stamps: Our “Stamp Out Stamp Bias” project focuses on the gender imbalance in commemorative stamps, issued by the United States Postal Service by nominating women to be honored with a stamp.
  • Celebrations: Our Celebrations project encourages the government and private sector to include women in the holidays, parades, and other festivities that celebrate our nation’s heritage.
  • Monuments & Memorials: Our Monuments and Memorials project analyzes the gender ratio of monuments and memorials on the local, state, and national level, and encourages greater representation of women.
  • Historical Markers: Our Historical Markers project analyzes the number of historical markers in each state and urges state governments to erect more historical markers honoring women.
EVE, Equal Visibility Everywhere

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